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Cookie policy

By visiting this website with your browser set to accept cookies and continuing to navigate the site, you consent to the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.

The purpose of this page is to describe the types of cookies used on this website and what they do, and to allow you to indicate your preferences on the use of cookies. These preferences will be saved in a special "technical consent cookie" specific to the browser you are currently using, and it will be updated to reflect any changes to preferences you may make over time. If you access this site using a different browser or another device, or if you decide to delete the cookies, you will be required to give your consent again, and another technical cookie will be created. For more information about exercising your rights under article 7 of the Privacy Code, please consult the Privacy Policy.

Cookies are small text files that visited websites send to the user's terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, or laptop), where they are saved and later sent back to those same websites during subsequent visits. They are used for computer authentications, session monitoring, and for saving various pieces of information.  Certain cookies are necessary to delivering the website correctly, or are helpful in customizing how it is used: declining them may compromise certain functions of the website.  Other cookies are used to track your preferences: you may find ads on this website, published directly or by third parties, that match your interests, which are inferred from your online activity and your surfing habits. Please note that if you decide to disable the cookies that are meant to deliver "targeted" or "behavioral" advertising, the generic advertising banners will still be displayed. By default, nearly all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. However, visitors/users can still change the default configuration, as described more fully later in this Policy.

Tipologie di cookies
Persistent cookies: These cookies will be saved on the user's/visitor's device until they expire. Session cookies: These cookies disappear when you close the browser. First-party cookies: these can be persistent or session cookies; they are managed directly by the owner and/or processor of the website and are used, for example, to ensure the technical operation of the website (so-called "technical cookies"), or to track preferences the user has given for using the website.  Third-party cookies: these can also be persistent or session cookies; They are generated and managed by processors outside the website the user has visited, and are used for example to see how many pages are visited on the website itself (so-called "statistical cookies" or "analytics cookies") or to publish content or advertising on the website the user is visiting.

Principal purpose of cookies
Technical cookies: these cookies are required to navigate the website and to use certain products and services. For example, they are used to recognize the user who has authenticated his or her email account and keeps the session open even when he or she visits other pages on the site, or to ensure certain security measures for the site and to monitor that it is operating correctly. Statistical or "analytics" cookies: these cookies are used to monitor the performance of the website, such as to learn the number of pages visited or number of users who have viewed a given section. Analyzing these cookies generates anonymous, aggregate statistical data without any reference to the identity of the users visiting the website. They are also helpful for evaluating any changes or improvements that may need to be made to the website. Cookies for saving preferences: these cookies help users use the website correctly and create a surfing experience that meets their expectations. For example, they are used to keep track of the selected language. Advertising cookies: these cookies are used to populate advertising spaces. These cookies are installed directly by seacsub.com or by third parties. Advertising cookies include behavioral cookies and retargeting cookies used to infer your "profile" as a user and then offer you advertising messages that match your online behavior (and therefore also your behavior outside seacsub.com sites) and that are presumably in line with your interests.  This "profile" is anonymous and the information collected through these cookies cannot be used to trace your identity. Social Network cookies: these are cookies that allow you to share content from the website you are visiting with other users or give your opinion on it. These cookies are typically used for example to enable the "Like" or "Follow" functions of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These functions allow social networks to identify their users, and also to collect information as those users surf other websites. Seacsub.com recommends that you consult the privacy policy of each social network you use to understand their purpose and the methods that each use to process personal data.

Management of first-party cookies
This website only uses "technical" cookies for purposes strictly necessary to the operation of the website: to allow the user to navigate and enable certain functions to maintain control over website performance levels to allow users to use services as an authenticated user (e.g., authentication cookies) to improve their customer experience and to save the visitor's choices (e.g., the language or pages viewed).

Management of third-party cookies
The website can use third-party cookies for statistical purposes, such as to learn the number of pages viewed and the number of unique users (e.g., Google Analytics) or for additional functions, such as maps (Google Maps). Cookies are used on the widest range of social networks. Furthermore, the website can also publish anonymous third-party cookies in order to dynamically show advertising in an advanced way, that is, advertising messages based on the online choices the user has made, even on websites other than this one. Please note that seacsub.com does not have access to, nor can it control, information that may be collected by third parties through their cookies.

You can consult the privacy policy and indicate your preferences regarding third-party cookies on this website by connecting directly to their websites, listed further below.

Google - Analytics, Maps etc. - click here
Facebook - Social widget - click here
Twitter - Social widget - click here
Google+ - Social widget - click here
Linked in - Social widget - click here
Pinterest - Social widget  - click here
Skype - Call, Chat - click here
Google - DoubleClick - click here

Certain cookies are installed on the site by the owner or processor independent of direct agreements with third parties (for example, through other sites that manage the sale of advertising space); to easily manage third-party cookies, we suggest referring to the Your Online Choices website. This site can help you find out which cookies are active on your computer in observance of the directions given by the Network Advertising Initiative.

To disable third-party cookies, connect to this site
To disable third-party Google Analytics cookies, connect to this site.

Managing cookies through your browser
You can now remove existing cookies and block any new ones from being installed through your browser settings. If users/visitors wish to decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not to accept cookies, they can configure their browser to generate an alert each time a cookie is saved. The most common browsers offer the option to block only third-party cookies and accept only those from the website itself. Cookie management procedures vary by browser. Below are the instructions for the most common browsers.

Google Chrome
Manage cookies through this browser's settings. Activate incognito browsing mode. Delete cookies, block them selectively if you want, and receive alerts on your cookie settings.

Internet Explorer
Manage cookies, delete them, block them, and select them through this browser's settings.

Manage cookies through this browser's settings. Manage the privacy settings panel and prevent tracking of your online activities. Enable and disable cookies. Delete cookies. Block cookies. Disable third-party cookies only.

Manage cookies through this browser's settings.

Manage cookies through this browser's settings.

Changes to the privacy policy
This Cookie Privacy Policy may be changed over time – including in response to any new regulations that may be introduced or updated in the sector, or regarding the provision of new services or technological innovations that may occur – so we invite you to consult this page periodically.

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